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Why is the studio dress code important?

Positions has a simple dress code for uniformity but also for the safety of our students. Hair must be pulled back off the face so that students can see properly when they are dancing and the hair does not get in the way. Baggy clothing (sweatshirts, baggy pants) are NOT allowed, because baggy clothing prevents the teacher from seeing the child's body and correcting alignment and technique. If improper alignment is not visible and is not corrected, it could lead to injury. Jewelry (except simple stud earrings) is not allowed because it could catch on clothing and injure the child. We do expect students to come in with proper shoes for the class they are taking, tights, leotards, skirts or shorts/leggings, and if anything a form-fitting black or white tank or tee over their leotard. Bright colors and clothing aside from dance wear are distracting and unsafe. We sell everything your child needs for class in our Dance Store. 

How do I know if my child is ready for the recital?

f your young child goes into class on her or his own and can follow the instructions the teacher gives, that is generally a good indication that they will be ready for the performance in June. The recital is never mandatory for any of our students, but it is a lovely culmination of the year's work.

My toddler loves to dance at home but is hesitant to participate in class. Is she or he not ready for dance class?

Sometimes it is the more shy, hesitant children who blow the audience away at the recital every year! Especially for a young child dancing for the first time, they may be unsure and shy to participate. Children like this learn through observation! You may be surprised and have an outgoing performer on the stage who knows all the steps after observing all year! Give your child the space to learn in the way that works for her or him, and often by the end of the year everything will "click."

My toddler has cried every week for the first month of dance but doesn't cry at school or other activities! Why?

Often, you drop your child off at school and go to run errands, so you are not right there for your child to see in the window. Or, perhaps at swim lessons there is not a way for you to see into the lesson area. At dance class, we have viewing windows for parents to watch their child in class. However, sometimes, depending on the child, "out of sight, out of mind" is a better approach. If your child is continually crying in class, try peeking in the window occasionally to make sure she or he is okay and then walk away. Sometimes the child is more easily distracted by the activities in class if they cannot see the parent in the window.

Where can I purchase the proper dance attire for my child?

We sell all of our dress code items in our dance wear shop. If you do not see something you need, or if you need a different size than what we carry or have in stock, please let us know and we would be happy to try to order the item for you. We sell dress code packages at reasonable, affordable package discounted prices. If we are unable to find what you need, we will direct you to a local dance wear shop that can provide the item for you.