For The Love Of Dance

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If you’re anything like us, February gives us ALL the good feels! Love is all around and we just adore it. It has us thinking here at Positions Dance Studio, what was your first true love? We would like to share ours with you today and it may not come as much of a surprise, it was DANCE! Dance has been with us through thick and thin and it never gets dull or boring. From the very first wiggle as a toddler, we were hooked. Our relationship through the years has transformed into something much deeper and significant now. Even still, dance has a way of surprising us even after years and years together. Although there are SO many more, we have listed a few reasons why it is our truest love this February.

  • Dance is for everyone! Dance doesn’t have favorites and it LOVES innovation. We just love that dance is for everyone no matter what your age or ability level is. There is no wrong way to dance. As long as you are enjoying yourself, you’re doing it right!

  • Dance can tell a story. We absolutely love dance as an art form. We love that we can create movement from the emotions in our hearts and we love that we can tell a story without using any words at all. Throughout the years we have learned that dance can be an emotional outlet. The best part is that beautiful things can come from any emotion in the form of dance.

  • Dance is FUN! Whether you are learning new skills in dance class or celebrating at a wedding, dance is an incredible way to bring people together. It feels great to let your body move to interesting music while surrounded by friends. It also is an amazing experience to learn new things through dance. We wish we could take a photo of each child as they master a new skill in class, it is pure joy!  

Can you blame us for loving dance so much after reading this? It is a gift we are extremely thankful to share with our students at Positions. Hopefully, their love for dance will continue throughout the years just like ours has. Why do you love dance? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page!


It's Time To Tackle Your Goals!

Setting adult fitness goals in Babylon, NY

With the New Year comes fresh starts and new chances. Have you sat down to think about what goals you would like to accomplish this year? At Positions, we like to see ALL of our students (children and adults) take some time to really think about their goals. Goals keep us motivated to pursue the life we want! Whether that is to become a great dancer, to do something we love, or to stay healthy and fit, the New Year is a great time to re-evaluate.

How do you make sure you actually accomplish these goals? Although the power is entirely up to you, we thought we could give you a few of our best strategies to turn your hopes and dreams into reality.

  1. Say your goal out loud and not just to yourself hehe! Tell your family and friends and write it down somewhere you will see every day. The more you can spread the word about your goal, the more you are telling yourself that you CAN accomplish it! This strategy has a bonus: when you tell people about your goals, you are also building a support system. Your friends and family will check in every once and while to see how you are doing, what a better way to stay accountable!? You may even find a couple people who have a similar goal.

  2. Make a plan. What steps are you going to take to make this goal happen? For example: If you would like to incorporate more exercise into your life: Are you going to join a gym? Take group fitness classes ( like the amazing ones we have here at Positions )? Sign up for a race? How often will you train? What time of day? Be specific! Don’t leave anything up to chance. Make a plan and stick with it!

  3. Find an accountability buddy. Accomplishing goals is much more fun when you have a buddy! Find someone who has a similar goal and check in week-to-week on how you are both doing. You can even meet once a week to take a class, go for a run, etc. It’s always much harder to skip out when someone is meeting you there or waiting to hear all about your progress.

  4. Set a reward. If you are anything like us, getting a reward is half the fun of accomplishing goals! Your reward could be big or small but make sure it is something enticing enough to pull you out of a slump. Unfortunately, there will be days where you don’t feel like following through on your plan, if you have a reward in place, it will help push you through! We love putting a picture of the reward right next to our goal where we can see it every day.

Are you feeling motivated yet?? We sure are! If your young dancer is hoping to set some goals this year, we encourage you to help guide them through this process. You can feel good that you are teaching them how to ACTUALLY accomplish their goals and they will feel good that you are there to support them through it. For any dance specific goals, check in with their teacher. Teachers can be great resources in making goals a reality!



Find More Opportunities To Be Creative

Find More Opportunities To Be.png

Creativity is something we highly value at Positions Dance Studio. By encouraging creativity in the classroom, your children will be better equipped to solve problems, express emotions, become more self-aware, and so much more. We think that is pretty great, don’t you? It got us thinking, what other ways can your dancers build more creative time into their lives? We have put together a great list of ideas for all ages to try.

  • See A Show. There are a TON of great shows to see for all ages and budgets, especially at this time of year. Whether it is theater, dance, music, or art, seeing something new can open your dancer’s mind to new possibilities. Seeing other people's creativity come to life is a great way to get inspired!

  • Take a new class. Sign your dancer up for something they have never tried before. That could be a new style of dance (check out our current schedule here to find one) OR something completely different like painting or acting. By exposing your child to something new (in a safe environment like a class) you are building the foundation that new is fun and exciting and it is OK to not be the “best” (at any age).

  • Make up a dance at home. This is always a hit at sleepovers and family parties. Choreographing requires a dancer to try new things and put a story or emotions into movement. At the end of the night, your dancers can put on a show in the living room for you. We promise it will be so much fun for everyone! BONUS: Grab that camera and record it every once and awhile. You will be amazed at how your dancer’s choreography progresses year after year, all thanks to their creative mind being strengthened.

This list has us ready to go have some fun, how about you? Like we mentioned, your dancers already have a leg up in the creative department JUST by coming to dance class. These could be a few really great (and fun) ways to keep the creativity flowing outside of dance class. Does your family do any special projects or activities that foster this skill? We would love to know it the comments!


Meet The Owner Of Positions Dance Studio: Kelly Peckholdt

Meet The Owner Of Positions Dance Studio,-2.png

We know you have seen her around the studio but how much do you actually know about our fearless leader here at Positions Dance Studio? Now that our year has gotten off to an AMAZING start, we thought it was about time to sit down and get to know Kelly Peckholdt a little bit better. You will not only learn more about her but also her hopes and dreams for Positions and why she loves every moment with your dancers!


How did you come to own Positions Dance Studio?

When I graduated college, I was looking for a job teaching either middle or high school social studies. The summer I graduated, I was looking for extra work before the school year and approached the former owner of Positions to see if she needed additional teachers. Luckily, she hired me to teach a couple of ballet classes that year. A couple of years down the road, she pulled me into her office in the middle of a teacher's' dance rehearsal (two weeks before that year's recital!) to tell me she was retiring. She had not yet found someone she was comfortable with selling the studio to, and she threw out the idea to me as a former student of Positions. I always knew that down the road I wanted to own a studio, but I never thought my dream would happen at age 24!


What are your hopes and dreams for Positions Dance Studio?

I want to continue to expand our focus on proper dance technique. I am a stickler, ESPECIALLY in ballet, for proper technique and alignment work. My big focus this year is injury prevention strategies to implement in our classes. Our student body has grown since I initially took over the studio over 5 years ago, and I'd love for it to continue to grow so we can share our passion with as many children as possible. I'd love to (down the road, not now) expand our building, especially as things like our fitness program and wedding services grow. I just love sharing the gift of dance AND fitness with as many people as I can!


What makes Positions different than studios in the area?

We truly strive to create unique opportunities and experiences for our students. We are constantly coming up with cool field trips and performance opportunities, ways to give back to the community, and workshops/learning experiences. Not many recreational studios travel with their students, especially out of state.


What is your favorite age group to teach and why?

I love teaching our younger students - especially age 4 and 5. They really start to "get it" at that age but can still be really silly. I'm always intrigued by how toddlers' minds work and the funny things they say! More recently, I was subbing for a Ballet/Tap class on a Saturday morning, and even though many of the students knew me I reintroduced myself. One little girl raised her hand and said, "I know you, Miss Kelly! You're the lady who cleans my teeth!" I've been cracking up ever since.


If you could describe Positions in JUST 3 words what would they be?

Caring, respectful, professional


Describe one moment that reminded you of why you do what you do?

Whenever a parent pulls me aside or sends me an email and tells me how much their child enjoyed a class or an event...or even just tells me how much dance has impacted their child's life. Dance has had such a tremendous impact on my life, and it makes me so happy to know that other children are experiencing that.


What is the BEST part of your job?

Interacting with students in the classroom. Sometimes when I'm teaching ballet, I'll be doing plies at the barre with my students, and the thought pops into my head, "Wow, I get to plie for a living!" It's the coolest thing ever.


We could not be more fortunate to have such a passion-driven person like Kelly leading the way for Positions! If you would like to learn more about classes at Positions, check out our current schedule. Is there something else that you would like to know about Kelly? Next time you see her in the lobby, go ahead and ask, she loves getting to know students and families better!



How to Stay Injury Free

How to Stay Injury Free at Positions Dance Studio

At Positions Dance Studio, we take the health of our dancers very seriously. Although dance is a fun activity, it does require dancers to challenge themselves physically and emotionally. As much as we try to avoid them, sometimes injuries happen. As teachers, we want to ensure that we are doing all we can so that our dancers stay injury free this year. You will be happy to know that all of our teachers at Positions have re-committed to working smarter in the classroom this year, all to keep your dancers safe!

Our owner and director, Kelly Peckholdt, advises our teachers on all injury prevention strategies. Together they form a plan to minimize injuries in each class. Some of the methods they use are incorporating dynamic stretching, teaching older students about anatomy and kinesiology, using age and ability appropriate progressions, and by avoiding extreme stretching. Kelly also makes it a priority to bring in injury prevention experts from the Harkness Center to talk with students and parents about common dance injuries and how to avoid them. Our next workshop is October 25th.

In the meantime, we will leave you with a few quick tips to get your dancer off on the right foot:

  • Stay Hydrated: During a long night of dance, it is easy to forget to drink water. Make sure you talk with your dancer to take a sip or two in between classes. Doing so will keep your dancer's body working to full capacity all day long.

  • Stretch: Taking some time to stretch after a long night of dance is a great way to reduce muscle soreness and minimize injury. We love rolling out our sore muscles with a foam roller or tennis ball. Just make sure your dancer warms up a few minutes beforehand.

  • Rest: Your dancer needs rest after a long week of dance. It is such an important part of staying injury free that you should build in a day or two of it into your normal schedule. Also, if your dancer starts to feel a new pain, the best thing they can do is rest for a couple days. Dancing through pain can cause further injury and keep your dancer out for a longer period of time.

  • Keep teachers informed: Make sure to alert teachers of ANY injury or pain, big or small.

Do you have any questions about keeping your dancer injury free this year? Please let us know. We would love to see you at the Injury Prevention Workshop put on by the Harkness Center on October 25th from 7:00-8:30pm. Parents and students are both welcome to attend ($10/person).

How To Prepare For Your Child's First Dance Class

How To Prepare For Your Child's First Dance Class.png

Our fall session is upon us and we could not be more excited! The first week of dance is by FAR our favorite part of the year. There is such a positive, enthusiastic energy in the air and we eat it up at Positions Dance Studio. If you are gearing up for your child’s first dance class, you may have a ton of questions. We want to make sure you AND your child have an amazing first experience with us so we have broken a few things down for you. That way, you can relax and enjoy the moment with your dancer.

  • What does my child wear to dance class? Positions has a simple dress code for the uniformity and safety of our students. For all classes, hair must be pulled back off the face. Students should wear tights and a leotard with optional dance skirts/shorts or leggings. A form-fitting black or white shirt may be worn in classes outside of ballet. Dancers should wear the appropriate shoes to class (ballet shoes to ballet, jazz shoes to jazz, etc.) Please leave baggy clothing and jewelry at home. We have a TON of dancewear options at our studio for purchase. If you have any questions regarding dress code or need to purchase something for your dancer, please contact us here.

  • Can I watch my child’s class? All of our studios have viewing windows that are available to parents at all times.

  • When should we arrive to class? We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early for the start of your class. This allows your dancer to be able to use the bathroom and visit with their dance friends before class gets started. If your dancer needs to change or do hair before class, make sure you allow enough time to do so.

  • Are there any rules in dance class? The expectations in dance class are very similar to those at school. We expect our dancers to be respectful of themselves, their peers, and their teachers. Doing so will ensure that everyone walks out of class with a giant smile on their face!

  • Anything else we should know? When trying anything new, it is always a good idea to go over the game plan with your child before the big day. Talk about what they can expect during their first class: where will you (the parent) be during class, what are the teacher’s expectations, what will they wear, what will they do during class, etc. Knowing what is in store can make the transition to dance class so much easier for you and your dancer.


So are you ready for an AMAZING week at dance? We hope so! If you are still needing more information please don’t hesitate to contact us. At Positions, it is our mission to create a positive experience for you and your dancer right from day one.

We cannot wait to see all of our new dancers in action, classes start September, 9th! Still need to register? You can do so here




What Makes Positions Dance Studio Different

Positions Dance Studio

We know there are so many great dance studios to choose from in the Long Island area. When deciding where your child is going to dance, there are so many different factors to consider and we totally understand that. What are the teachers like? How well maintained is the facility? What is the classroom dynamic? A dance studio often becomes like a second home for young dancers and their families. That is why it is SO important to find one that you and your dancer connect with.

We feel great about all the things that make Positions Dance Studio different from all the other studios in the area. We pride ourselves in cultivating an environment where our students come out of dance class learning not only dance steps but more importantly, life skills. We are very confident that you will feel just as great knowing that your dancer’s second home is at our studio. “For Your Island,” a local show concentrating on the arts, culture, and entertainment in Long Island,  featured our studio. In the episode, you will get to know the studio owner and director, Kelly Peckholdt, see the space, and get a glimpse into our classes. It is the perfect first step in getting to know our studio and its values.


As you can see, at Positions Dance Studio we truly care about each and every student. It is one of our top priorities to make long lasting, positive relationships with all of our students and their families. We have classes for students no matter what stage in their dance journey they are in. Our family-friendly environment helps our students gain self-confidence, self-esteem, and discipline all while maintaining age and developmentally appropriate classes. Using age appropriate music and costumes in class and for performances will always be our policy. We want your kids, to be kids!

Our experienced and qualified teachers keep our students busy learning proper terminology and technique while teaching them important life skills such as discipline, focus, and grace that they will carry well beyond their dance years. We are beyond passionate about dance along with creating an all-inclusive, positive environment for our students.


Like we said, we know there are a ton of great studios out there and we are SO honored that our students have chosen our studio as their home away from home.

If you would like to learn more about what sets Positions Dance Studio apart contact us today or stop in during one of our Open House Events. We are now accepting enrollment for our Fall 2017/2018 session and would love to see you there!




Is Your Child Ready For Dance Class?

Knowing when your child is ready for dance class can be tough! Whether you have a toddler, preschooler, or a child in elementary school, making the decision to sign your child up for dance classes may be nerve wracking. Every kid is unique and of course, you know your child best! To make the choice just a tad easier, we thought we would share a few tell tale signs that your little dancer is ready to jump right in!

  • They LOVE music and movement! Does your dancer demand their favorite songs in the car? Do they start wiggling when a song comes on? Have they ever put on a “show” for you in the living room? If yes, then they will love dance class!

  • They are ready to take class independently. We DO offer classes for children 18-36 months accompanied with a parent ( called “Dance With Me”) but if your child is older than 3, they will have to be emotionally ready to take class without a parent in the room. Sometimes the adjustment takes a couple weeks and that is OK. We do have viewing windows in our studios so you can be sure to peek in.

  • They can follow simple instructions. We realize we are talking about little ones so we DO NOT expect perfection but your child should be able to follow simple instructions most of the time. Some examples of what we ask in class are: imitating the teacher’s movement, taking turns, and making a circle with their new dance friends.

Like we mentioned, each child is different and we love that! We hope this list gives you a little more confidence knowing your child is ready to have a blast with us in class. If you are still not sure, give us a call or contact us here to schedule a free trial class! Getting a tour of the space and meeting the director before the start of a new class can make the transition so much easier for both you and your child, so what are you waiting for??


How To AMAZE Your Dancer At This Year's Recital

How to AMAZE your dancer this recital!.png

Recital week is almost here at Positions Dance Studio! We could not be more excited to see all the hard work come to life and I’m sure you and your dancers feel the same. They have put in countless hours at the studio and you have supported them every step of the way. It is time to celebrate right?! With all the fun and excitement comes something else not so pleasant, STRESS. Yes, recital week is stressful for everyone (for us too!). There are costumes and accessories to pack, special hair and makeup to master, a handful of different check-in times to keep track of, and much much more. It is a lot to handle for the seasoned dance parent not to mention for those first timers out there! We want to make sure we are doing all we can to make your week as easy as it can be for you and your dancer. Let’s face it, if you are stressed out, your dancer will be stressed out too. And that is not fun for anyone. So we thought we would give you a few ways you can feel less of that awful stress and more of the fun and excitement. Following these tips will ensure that you can AMAZE your dancer at this year’s recital!  

  • Read EVERYTHING. Twice. Make sure you are really going through all the emails and handouts you receive from the studio. They contain information like check-in times, order deadlines, day-of instructions, etc. Take the time to really process the information and write reminders in your calendar.

  • Take Inventory Now. Do you have all the right shoes? New tights in the correct color? All hair and makeup supplies? Have you double checked all costumes and their accessories? Figuring out you are missing something last minute could be the worst feeling ever! You will feel much better knowing you have a few days to run to the store rather than just a few hours.

  • Make a recital day PLAN with your dancer. Everyone will feel much better after you talk through logistics and expectations. Talk with your dancer about when you will start getting ready, who will be helping with quick changes, when will they eat, and when and where you will meet them after the performance. You will rest assured knowing they know what to do and they will feel more prepared in handling the day without you.

  • Be positive, have fun, and enjoy every second! Recital is only once a year and trust us, it goes FAST! Be proud of your dancer no matter what happens on stage. It takes a lot of guts to get on stage and your dancer wants no more than to do the best they can do. Don’t be shy in telling them how you feel after their performance. Performing after all the preparation should feel amazing and as their parents, you get to share that feeling with them. They deserve that shining moment and so do you. Make sure you take a moment or two to look around and feel the joy with your dancer.

We want nothing more than for you and your dancer to enjoy this moment because it is the BEST part of being a performer (and a proud parent too) and like we mentioned, it will go fast! Take the stress out of the week and you will be able to truly savor each precious moment.

Have any questions about recital week? Check out this FAQ page we have and call or email the studio with anything you don’t see mentioned.


Who Is Your Hero?

Written By Chelsea Anderson

With Memorial Day and our recital quickly approaching, and both having to do with heroes, several students and faculty were asked to name who they consider a hero. A few students recognized the ‘dance moms’ that make them who they are. Sofia Giorgio, a member on one of our Performance Teams, had this to say about her mother: “She’s nice and helpful and wants me to get good grades.”

            Nicole Jarvis and Maya Ryan, also on Positions Performance Teams, recognized their instructor, Miss Dominique, as a hero and a “good role model,” along with their mothers. Along with the many other men and women who fought and have suffered for this country, these young ladies took the time to remember their loved ones that fought in the Army. 

Annie Castellano, one of our very talented teachers got to marry her hero! Her husband Chris was a Sergeant in the United States Army and now currently works in the Reserves. He also is a member of the FDNY in Queens, New York. “Being a part of his life has allowed me to see all the courageous jobs he has taken part in.” said Annie, “My husband’s dedication to his country and others is to be admired, yet he is so humble.”

Jeanine Cullen, also a staff member here at Positions, said she would also like to remember the many heroes that serve our country well. “My three/four year olds are doing their recital dance dedicated to these heroes.”

            Now that spring has officially sprung, our dancers and staff have many things to look forward to (recital being one of them!) We asked our friends what their favorite part of the new season. Some of the responses included birthdays, barbecues, end of school, going fishing with the family, and, of course, the recital!

"In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb"

Written By Chelsea Anderson

Hello everyone!

            First of all, Happy March! The studio has been abuzz with costumes coming in and recital details being put together. We have a lot going on this month with adult classes, fundraisers, workshops, etc. Quick question: have you fulfilled your New Year’s Resolutions yet? If not, there’s still time to join adult classes!

            With the weather (somewhat) warming up and spring shortly upon us, it’s time to think about trying something new. For our adults we have a wide variety of classes from ballet and yoga to high intensity Piloxing. For our younger ones, we have a Toddler Tumbling class taking place Wednesday mornings. Our next workshop will be a Meditation and Stretch Workshop on Friday March 31 at 7:15 pm. More information about that to follow.

We also just released our summer schedule which can be found on our website under “Class Schedule.” We’re offering ten percent off the summer bill until the end of April. If you’re looking to work on technique or want to keep in shape, definitely consider registering.

Our Zumba Fundraiser that was originally scheduled for February has been moved to March 24. There’s still time to sign up! Its $20 per person or $12 per family (children ages 8 and up). All proceeds go towards the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a chance to try something new and support a great cause.

The performance teams will also be having a fundraiser that night to raise money for their trip to Tennessee when they perform in the Liberty Bowl at the end of this year. Consider bringing the family to Blaze Pizza in West Babylon from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. to support our adventurous dancers.

            Lastly, we are having a raffle for two tickets to the Russian National Ballet performance of Swan Lake at the Queensborough Performing Arts Center. All you have to do is submit a survey. You get to make suggestions for next fall! Whether it’s an adult class we don’t offer or a workshop you’d like to see happen more often, this is your chance to have a say. The deadline is Sunday March 12. Get your entries in now!


Written By Chelsea Anderson

We have a remarkable staff here at Positions who truly believe in our mission to provide quality dance instruction and individualized attention in our small classes. We've featured a few of our magnificent instructors and you can read their bios in our lobby and on our website.

Miss Annie was inspired by her mother to dance at the age of five. She’s one of our newest additions to the Positions family. She enjoys teaching at Positions because of the positive energy and the passion for dance that comes from the teachers, the parents, and the students. “I just love seeing the smiles on my student’s faces when they are dancing. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that what you’re teaching your students is making a difference for them.” She loves dance because it makes her mind and body feel balanced. It can be used as a form of meditation.

Miss Gaby is also one of our recent additions at Positions. She says at six years old she was an anxious child but dance always seemed to calm her down. She stuck with dance for so long because of her love for movement and she can appreciate the different styles that all have a different effect on you. “At Positions, we teach them not only the art of dance, but how to be kind to one another and how to be a team player and that builds up a lifetime of friendship between the girls and boys.” Her (two) favorite parts of teaching at Positions is how enthusiastic and fearless the girls are when trying new choreography and just how excited they are to get in the room to dance.

Miss Jill was inspired to dance around the age of three years old by her parents and her grandparents, who took her to the Nutcracker. She loves teaching at Positions because of the energy her students contribute to the positive energy she creates in the classroom. She says more students should dance at Positions because it is extremely welcoming and inclusive and the small to moderate class sizes. “Through dance I have worked daily in a career I love, met some of my best friends, learned mental and physical discipline, gained strength, and always have the best moves at parties.” Her love of dance and performance continues to grow. She loves creating stories from nothing, she loves the boundaries and the possibilities technique creates, she loves that there are no limits to what you can learn, and she loves tutus.

 Miss Kelly is the fearless leader here at Positions. She began her dance journey here at three years old and recalls her former dance teacher, Miss Diana and how much she learned from her, not only as a dancer but as a person. Despite being the owner of the studio, she has seen students grown friendships here at Positions. It’s because of our students that she looks forward to teaching even on the most stressful of days. She loves dance because it allows her to express her mood and has given her wonderful opportunities and “brought many wonderful people into my life, and I am very grateful!”



Dance Your Way To A Healthier Brain

We know the positive effects dance can have on one's physical and mental health-it's good exercise, it improves mobility and social skills, it helps with muscle memory, but did you know that dance can also reduce the risk of dementia? It has also been found to improve "motor function, cognitive function, mental symptoms, and overall quality of life in people both with and without Parkinson's disease." Ruth Buczynski writes in her blog, 10 Ways Dance Strengthens the Brain.

Students at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine performed a study over a period of twenty one years on subjects over the age of seventy five. They monitored the progress of dementia in those who performed recreational activity and those that didn't. Dancing alone greater reduced the risk of dementia compared to reading and solving crossword puzzles. (5 Things That Will Happen to Your Brain When You Dance.

Dancing also increases your intelligence because it requires quick thinking and concentration. Jean Piaget defines intelligence as "what we use when we don't already know what to do" ( You always have to be aware of where other dancers are in the room and be aware of what you're doing so that the routine looks uniform. Not only does dancing help with muscle memory but it can also slow down aging and boost memory as well. As a dancer myself, I remember my family members asking me how I could learn seven to nine very different dance numbers and not miss a step. For me, as soon as the music comes on my body and my brain automatically know what to do. I have a pretty good memory to begin with and I like to think it's because of the years of dance that helped.

Another way dance positively affects our brain is it prevents dizziness and improves our balance. From a young age, girls are taught to "spot" which is the technique that helps us be not as dizzy when we perform turns. "Spotting" is where our head turns faster than the rest of our body as we focus on one point to look at. It takes practice but as you get older, the easier it becomes. As a child, my dance teacher had made big red stop signs that said "Spot Here!" so when we went across the floor practicing turns, we had somewhere to look.

Dancing has helped me so much as a person. It makes me so happy and it improves your attitude and your day to day function. If you haven't tried it yet, make time to join your local dance studio. Positions Dance Studio offers a free trial class any class, any time. Call to get yours today!

The New Years Resolution You SHOULD Be Making

Written By Chelsea Anderson

Don't make the same resolutions each year! Switch it up, keep it simple, and everything will fall into place!

Every year on New Year’s Eve, everyone makes the same resolutions-probably the one’s they didn’t fulfill the year before. To be healthy, to get a better job, to make more money, to travel and not that those aren’t good resolutions to have, but maybe it’s time to switch it up.

Do the simple things like holding a door open for someone, smiling more, being courteous, confident, and polite. The world could always use more people who are happy and kind. Keep your resolutions simple and everything else will fall into place. 

Balancing work/school and your social life with family and friends, but also making time for yourself! Whether you have more than one job or you have one big job or school is stressful as it is, there is nothing more important than making time for yourself and the one’s that love and care about you. Once you get into a routine during the week, everything else will fall into place. (ex: school, dance, dinner, homework, repeat). 

That brings us into trying something new! Use your free time wisely. Sure, sitting around the house doing nothing or sleeping in all day sounds like a great day but make those days off productive by cleaning up a portion of the house or trying a new dance class! (I hear Positions is offering Zumba again!) Work on your technique or dance like nobody's watching - either way, come have some fun at Positions! Get your friends and family involved! It’ll fill in that get healthy resolution on your list!


What Positions Students Are Thankful For

Written By Chelsea Anderson

Positions Dance Studio students have a lot to be thankful for this upcoming holiday season. Some of them sat down to tell us why they’re thankful for Positions and why more dancers should come to Positions.

    Six-year-old Valentina said that Positions has made her happy “because I can pick any type of dance I want.” Valentina is currently enrolled in our performance team, Hip-Hop/Acro Combo and Acro 2 classes. Positions offers a wide range of classes for students to take and try. If interested, contact the studio to schedule your free trial class. You’ll also receive a free pair of tights through Nov. 30.

    When asked what they like most about dancing, all the dancers said they love how coming to dance makes them feel and that they get to be creative. Ten-year-old Alejandra said that it has actually helped her with other sports-she used to play tennis and she currently plays basketball and soccer. Another big reason was all the friends the dancers have made here at Positions.

    We encourage new people every day to come to Positions to further their dance education, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our students had to say!

“One big happy family” and “friendly, non-judgmental environment” is how sixteen-year-old Samantha described Positions. Our family certainly grows more and more every year.

“I love dance!” Zoe, a six-year-old currently in Positions’ performance team. “Positions makes me happy because it is special to me.” She also bragged about getting to perform in the recitals and the street fair in October.

“The teachers are nice and welcoming.” Said Alejandra. Our staff provides quality instruction and carries out our mission every single day.

“Because they can learn all new stuff.” Said Valentina. We’re always adding new classes and taking recommendations for anything we might not offer. Our students voices are important to us to ensure they are comfortable and happy coming here every week.

Positions is very thankful for our dancers and their supportive families and for the residents and merchants of Babylon Village who continue to support us and appreciate what we do. We have our annual window show coming up on December 2 at the studio. Everyone is encouraged to come by and see all of the hard work our students have put in! It’s sure to be a magical night!