4 Benefits of Summer Dance

4 Benefits of Summer Dance.png

The sun is out and summer is here! We hope you are as excited as we are to finally spend some time outside! Our summer fun list includes yummy barbecues, pool time, and oh yeah, summer dance of COURSE!

At Positions Dance Studio, we think summer dance is super beneficial for our students. We highly recommend it to all of our dance families, from our beginners all the way up to our advanced dancers. Read on to find out 4 benefits of summer dance and learn more about our amazing summer class line-up!

1. Summer is the perfect time to try a new class!

One of the great things about our shortened summer session is that it is a fun, low commitment environment. The 6-week class session serves as a perfect sampler period to try out a new dance genre. If your kid tries a new class and loves it, then you know they are ready for more in the Fall. If not, no harm no foul!

For little ones wanting to try new classes, we recommend our Combo classes. Combo classes combine 2 dance forms to keep up with those short attention spans and also give them a wide variety of introductory dance skills! By the end of the summer session, your little one will likely know which dance style they liked more, or if they really shine in both!

If you need extra help picking a summer class, consider signing up for a FREE trial class! Trial classes are a great way to make sure a class and our studio is a great fit for your family!

2. Summer gives older kids the chance to focus on their skills without the added school-year stress.

During the school-year, our kids have a LOT going on! By the time they get to dance in the evenings, they’ve already had a long day at school, probably attended another extracurricular already, AND they have homework waiting for them at home.

Every summer, we watch our students attend class with greater focus and energy. Because of this, we witness TONS of growth and skill advancement that usually takes a lot longer during the school year.

For advanced students wanting to take their skills up a notch during our summer session, our intensives are sure to bring the hype. Intensives are a chance for kids to focus on their technique in a fast-paced and challenging learning environment. Get ready to sweat and dance the day away!

3. Summer is a great chance to introduce your little one to new activities and classroom environments!

Toddlers and younger kids can sometimes have a hard time adjusting to school and activities. Separation anxiety is common for kids leaving mom or dad for the first time! Our shortened summer session is a FUN way to keep kids in a routine over the summer and practice saying goodbye to mom and dad.  

Our “Dance With Me” (Mommy and Me) classes are perfect for first time dancers looking to work up to a regular class. Packed with fun songs, stories, and play, dancers and parents participate together and learn the dance basics. Join the fun this summer!

4. Summer dancers come back to class in the Fall stronger than ever!

Trust us, when we come back to dance in the Fall, our teachers can definitely tell who attended summer classes! Just like any other sport or activity, taking a 3 month break can hinder a child’s progress and set their skills back. We hate to see our kids make so much progress during the year and then lose it during the summer months! Register for summer classes and watch your dancer soar into the Fall!

We LOVE summer dance at Positions Dance Studio! It’s such a blast and SO good for our kids! Our summer session is sure to fill your kids summer with smiles and fun, as we have put together a packed schedule of the best summer dance classes in Babylon! Read more on our website and register online today!