What Positions Students Are Thankful For

Written By Chelsea Anderson

Positions Dance Studio students have a lot to be thankful for this upcoming holiday season. Some of them sat down to tell us why they’re thankful for Positions and why more dancers should come to Positions.

    Six-year-old Valentina said that Positions has made her happy “because I can pick any type of dance I want.” Valentina is currently enrolled in our performance team, Hip-Hop/Acro Combo and Acro 2 classes. Positions offers a wide range of classes for students to take and try. If interested, contact the studio to schedule your free trial class. You’ll also receive a free pair of tights through Nov. 30.

    When asked what they like most about dancing, all the dancers said they love how coming to dance makes them feel and that they get to be creative. Ten-year-old Alejandra said that it has actually helped her with other sports-she used to play tennis and she currently plays basketball and soccer. Another big reason was all the friends the dancers have made here at Positions.

    We encourage new people every day to come to Positions to further their dance education, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our students had to say!

“One big happy family” and “friendly, non-judgmental environment” is how sixteen-year-old Samantha described Positions. Our family certainly grows more and more every year.

“I love dance!” Zoe, a six-year-old currently in Positions’ performance team. “Positions makes me happy because it is special to me.” She also bragged about getting to perform in the recitals and the street fair in October.

“The teachers are nice and welcoming.” Said Alejandra. Our staff provides quality instruction and carries out our mission every single day.

“Because they can learn all new stuff.” Said Valentina. We’re always adding new classes and taking recommendations for anything we might not offer. Our students voices are important to us to ensure they are comfortable and happy coming here every week.

Positions is very thankful for our dancers and their supportive families and for the residents and merchants of Babylon Village who continue to support us and appreciate what we do. We have our annual window show coming up on December 2 at the studio. Everyone is encouraged to come by and see all of the hard work our students have put in! It’s sure to be a magical night!