Why We Are Thankful For Our Dance Parents


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we wanted to take some time to show our gratitude for the things in life that bring us joy year round. Our incredible dance parents at Positions are at the top of the list for MANY reasons. Parents, this one is for you!

Positions parents are rockstars! They truly make it all happen. Our parents get our dancers where they need to be. They take time out of their day to make sure our dancers arrive to class on time and have everything they need to excel. On top of paying for classes, they pay for shoes, tights, leotards, costumes… the list goes on! It’s simply amazing to watch them dedicate themselves to their dancers time and time again.

Not only do our dance parents make all the logistics happen, but they also support one another. Parents, we are SO thankful for the welcoming community you’ve created at Positions. We notice all the carpools you create to lighten the load for other busy dance parents. We see you step in to help a dancer out, whether it’s your child or not! At performances, we witness parents lending other parents bobby pins and stepping in when needed to help a struggling parent get their dancer’s hair in a bun. Our dance parents are in it together, and we notice!

The most incredible part about our dance parents, the part that fills our hearts, is their unwavering support for their dancers. Giving a child the opportunity to pursue the thing that lights them up inside is possibly the greatest gift a parent can give. It goes far beyond just driving a child to dance every day! We are thinking about those car rides home when you offer up some much needed emotional support. Or the times when you peak your head in at the last 5 minutes of rehearsal with a smile on your face. All those small acts of love are not so small… they truly keep your dancer going! You support your dancer in following their passion. For that, we are so grateful, and we know they are too.  

We know you may not always get a “thank you!” from your young dancers, but you certainly have our gratitude. Thank you, parents, YOU are amazing.

We are wishing all of our dance families are a very happy Thanksgiving!