Who Is Your Hero?

Written By Chelsea Anderson

With Memorial Day and our recital quickly approaching, and both having to do with heroes, several students and faculty were asked to name who they consider a hero. A few students recognized the ‘dance moms’ that make them who they are. Sofia Giorgio, a member on one of our Performance Teams, had this to say about her mother: “She’s nice and helpful and wants me to get good grades.”

            Nicole Jarvis and Maya Ryan, also on Positions Performance Teams, recognized their instructor, Miss Dominique, as a hero and a “good role model,” along with their mothers. Along with the many other men and women who fought and have suffered for this country, these young ladies took the time to remember their loved ones that fought in the Army. 

Annie Castellano, one of our very talented teachers got to marry her hero! Her husband Chris was a Sergeant in the United States Army and now currently works in the Reserves. He also is a member of the FDNY in Queens, New York. “Being a part of his life has allowed me to see all the courageous jobs he has taken part in.” said Annie, “My husband’s dedication to his country and others is to be admired, yet he is so humble.”

Jeanine Cullen, also a staff member here at Positions, said she would also like to remember the many heroes that serve our country well. “My three/four year olds are doing their recital dance dedicated to these heroes.”

            Now that spring has officially sprung, our dancers and staff have many things to look forward to (recital being one of them!) We asked our friends what their favorite part of the new season. Some of the responses included birthdays, barbecues, end of school, going fishing with the family, and, of course, the recital!

"In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb"

Written By Chelsea Anderson

Hello everyone!

            First of all, Happy March! The studio has been abuzz with costumes coming in and recital details being put together. We have a lot going on this month with adult classes, fundraisers, workshops, etc. Quick question: have you fulfilled your New Year’s Resolutions yet? If not, there’s still time to join adult classes!

            With the weather (somewhat) warming up and spring shortly upon us, it’s time to think about trying something new. For our adults we have a wide variety of classes from ballet and yoga to high intensity Piloxing. For our younger ones, we have a Toddler Tumbling class taking place Wednesday mornings. Our next workshop will be a Meditation and Stretch Workshop on Friday March 31 at 7:15 pm. More information about that to follow.

We also just released our summer schedule which can be found on our website under “Class Schedule.” We’re offering ten percent off the summer bill until the end of April. If you’re looking to work on technique or want to keep in shape, definitely consider registering.

Our Zumba Fundraiser that was originally scheduled for February has been moved to March 24. There’s still time to sign up! Its $20 per person or $12 per family (children ages 8 and up). All proceeds go towards the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a chance to try something new and support a great cause.

The performance teams will also be having a fundraiser that night to raise money for their trip to Tennessee when they perform in the Liberty Bowl at the end of this year. Consider bringing the family to Blaze Pizza in West Babylon from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. to support our adventurous dancers.

            Lastly, we are having a raffle for two tickets to the Russian National Ballet performance of Swan Lake at the Queensborough Performing Arts Center. All you have to do is submit a survey. You get to make suggestions for next fall! Whether it’s an adult class we don’t offer or a workshop you’d like to see happen more often, this is your chance to have a say. The deadline is Sunday March 12. Get your entries in now!


Written By Chelsea Anderson

We have a remarkable staff here at Positions who truly believe in our mission to provide quality dance instruction and individualized attention in our small classes. We've featured a few of our magnificent instructors and you can read their bios in our lobby and on our website.

Miss Annie was inspired by her mother to dance at the age of five. She’s one of our newest additions to the Positions family. She enjoys teaching at Positions because of the positive energy and the passion for dance that comes from the teachers, the parents, and the students. “I just love seeing the smiles on my student’s faces when they are dancing. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that what you’re teaching your students is making a difference for them.” She loves dance because it makes her mind and body feel balanced. It can be used as a form of meditation.

Miss Gaby is also one of our recent additions at Positions. She says at six years old she was an anxious child but dance always seemed to calm her down. She stuck with dance for so long because of her love for movement and she can appreciate the different styles that all have a different effect on you. “At Positions, we teach them not only the art of dance, but how to be kind to one another and how to be a team player and that builds up a lifetime of friendship between the girls and boys.” Her (two) favorite parts of teaching at Positions is how enthusiastic and fearless the girls are when trying new choreography and just how excited they are to get in the room to dance.

Miss Jill was inspired to dance around the age of three years old by her parents and her grandparents, who took her to the Nutcracker. She loves teaching at Positions because of the energy her students contribute to the positive energy she creates in the classroom. She says more students should dance at Positions because it is extremely welcoming and inclusive and the small to moderate class sizes. “Through dance I have worked daily in a career I love, met some of my best friends, learned mental and physical discipline, gained strength, and always have the best moves at parties.” Her love of dance and performance continues to grow. She loves creating stories from nothing, she loves the boundaries and the possibilities technique creates, she loves that there are no limits to what you can learn, and she loves tutus.

 Miss Kelly is the fearless leader here at Positions. She began her dance journey here at three years old and recalls her former dance teacher, Miss Diana and how much she learned from her, not only as a dancer but as a person. Despite being the owner of the studio, she has seen students grown friendships here at Positions. It’s because of our students that she looks forward to teaching even on the most stressful of days. She loves dance because it allows her to express her mood and has given her wonderful opportunities and “brought many wonderful people into my life, and I am very grateful!”



Dance Your Way To A Healthier Brain

We know the positive effects dance can have on one's physical and mental health-it's good exercise, it improves mobility and social skills, it helps with muscle memory, but did you know that dance can also reduce the risk of dementia? It has also been found to improve "motor function, cognitive function, mental symptoms, and overall quality of life in people both with and without Parkinson's disease." Ruth Buczynski writes in her blog, 10 Ways Dance Strengthens the Brain.

Students at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine performed a study over a period of twenty one years on subjects over the age of seventy five. They monitored the progress of dementia in those who performed recreational activity and those that didn't. Dancing alone greater reduced the risk of dementia compared to reading and solving crossword puzzles. (5 Things That Will Happen to Your Brain When You Dance. http://www.lifehack.org/374710/5-things-that-will-happen-to-your-brain-when-you-dance).

Dancing also increases your intelligence because it requires quick thinking and concentration. Jean Piaget defines intelligence as "what we use when we don't already know what to do" (http://www.lifehack.org/374710/5-things-that-will-happen-to-your-brain-when-you-dance). You always have to be aware of where other dancers are in the room and be aware of what you're doing so that the routine looks uniform. Not only does dancing help with muscle memory but it can also slow down aging and boost memory as well. As a dancer myself, I remember my family members asking me how I could learn seven to nine very different dance numbers and not miss a step. For me, as soon as the music comes on my body and my brain automatically know what to do. I have a pretty good memory to begin with and I like to think it's because of the years of dance that helped.

Another way dance positively affects our brain is it prevents dizziness and improves our balance. From a young age, girls are taught to "spot" which is the technique that helps us be not as dizzy when we perform turns. "Spotting" is where our head turns faster than the rest of our body as we focus on one point to look at. It takes practice but as you get older, the easier it becomes. As a child, my dance teacher had made big red stop signs that said "Spot Here!" so when we went across the floor practicing turns, we had somewhere to look.

Dancing has helped me so much as a person. It makes me so happy and it improves your attitude and your day to day function. If you haven't tried it yet, make time to join your local dance studio. Positions Dance Studio offers a free trial class any class, any time. Call to get yours today!

The New Years Resolution You SHOULD Be Making

Written By Chelsea Anderson

Don't make the same resolutions each year! Switch it up, keep it simple, and everything will fall into place!

Every year on New Year’s Eve, everyone makes the same resolutions-probably the one’s they didn’t fulfill the year before. To be healthy, to get a better job, to make more money, to travel and not that those aren’t good resolutions to have, but maybe it’s time to switch it up.

Do the simple things like holding a door open for someone, smiling more, being courteous, confident, and polite. The world could always use more people who are happy and kind. Keep your resolutions simple and everything else will fall into place. 

Balancing work/school and your social life with family and friends, but also making time for yourself! Whether you have more than one job or you have one big job or school is stressful as it is, there is nothing more important than making time for yourself and the one’s that love and care about you. Once you get into a routine during the week, everything else will fall into place. (ex: school, dance, dinner, homework, repeat). 

That brings us into trying something new! Use your free time wisely. Sure, sitting around the house doing nothing or sleeping in all day sounds like a great day but make those days off productive by cleaning up a portion of the house or trying a new dance class! (I hear Positions is offering Zumba again!) Work on your technique or dance like nobody's watching - either way, come have some fun at Positions! Get your friends and family involved! It’ll fill in that get healthy resolution on your list!


What Positions Students Are Thankful For

Written By Chelsea Anderson

Positions Dance Studio students have a lot to be thankful for this upcoming holiday season. Some of them sat down to tell us why they’re thankful for Positions and why more dancers should come to Positions.

    Six-year-old Valentina said that Positions has made her happy “because I can pick any type of dance I want.” Valentina is currently enrolled in our performance team, Hip-Hop/Acro Combo and Acro 2 classes. Positions offers a wide range of classes for students to take and try. If interested, contact the studio to schedule your free trial class. You’ll also receive a free pair of tights through Nov. 30.

    When asked what they like most about dancing, all the dancers said they love how coming to dance makes them feel and that they get to be creative. Ten-year-old Alejandra said that it has actually helped her with other sports-she used to play tennis and she currently plays basketball and soccer. Another big reason was all the friends the dancers have made here at Positions.

    We encourage new people every day to come to Positions to further their dance education, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our students had to say!

“One big happy family” and “friendly, non-judgmental environment” is how sixteen-year-old Samantha described Positions. Our family certainly grows more and more every year.

“I love dance!” Zoe, a six-year-old currently in Positions’ performance team. “Positions makes me happy because it is special to me.” She also bragged about getting to perform in the recitals and the street fair in October.

“The teachers are nice and welcoming.” Said Alejandra. Our staff provides quality instruction and carries out our mission every single day.

“Because they can learn all new stuff.” Said Valentina. We’re always adding new classes and taking recommendations for anything we might not offer. Our students voices are important to us to ensure they are comfortable and happy coming here every week.

Positions is very thankful for our dancers and their supportive families and for the residents and merchants of Babylon Village who continue to support us and appreciate what we do. We have our annual window show coming up on December 2 at the studio. Everyone is encouraged to come by and see all of the hard work our students have put in! It’s sure to be a magical night!