4 Reasons Why Dress Code Matters

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What is cuter than a tiny dancer in a pink tutu? Nothing! We know that dance outfits are just ADORABLE, but they also serve a purpose. Proper dance apparel not only creates an effective learning environment, but it also teaches young dancers important life lessons. All cuteness aside, dress code is important! 

As we kick off another year of dance classes at Positions Dance Studio, we thought this would be a great time to dive in a little deeper and explain why dress code is so important. We know that it isn’t always easy to get your child to class in the correct outfit with the correct shoes. We greatly appreciate ALL our families do to support their dancers!  

Check our top 4 reasons why dress code matters: 

1. Help US Help YOU

First and foremost, our dress code is made to help our teachers do their job! We are here to give our students ALL the best information about dance technique and body placement. But if we can’t see our students’ bodies, we can’t help them achieve their goals. Even the slightest adjustment in arm positions or shoulder placement can transform a single pirouette to a double. If you show up to class looking like a dancer, we are able to make you the BEST dancer you can be. 

2. Discipline

Ask any dance teacher and they will probably agree that there is usually a HUGE difference between students who take dress code seriously and those who don’t. We notice! Getting in the habit of putting on dance clothes, ditching the jewelry, and securing hair in a neat bun teaches dancers to come to class ready to work hard. It is more than just an outfit. Dress code enforcement creates improved work ethic, focus, overall attitude, which is why we love it so much! 

3. Safety

Shoelaces, jewelry, and baggy clothes might not seem like a big deal for a kid. But when you are dancing your heart out, one dangly necklace can create a huge safety hazard. Safety is always our first priority at Positions Dance Studio, and that starts with dress code! 

4. Prepping For The Big Stage

It’s no surprise that getting used to wearing tights and a leotard is a little bit of an adjustment. In class, we are ALWAYS working towards the big stage! We want our dancers to feel comfortable, confident, and empowered come recital time. Coming to class each week looking and feeling like a dancer makes getting up on stage in a fancy costume SO much easier! 

Parents, with all the tights, leotards, and ballet slippers to choose from, figuring out what to wear to dance class can sometimes be a tedious task. BUT, at Positions Dance Studio, we make it SUPER easy for parents because we think that dress code should never be overlooked. Visit our website for a class by class dress code guide and find EVERYTHING you need right here in our dancewear store

Happy dancing Position families! We can’t wait to see all of our dancers looking beautiful from head to (pointed) toe!